Louvre Museum Event


louvre museum with diabilitesThe second annual Accessibility Week at the Louvre Museum raises public awareness of its commitment to making the museum more accessible and more welcoming to visitors of all ages and abilities. Beginning on Wednesday January 25, 2017, the week of events concerns professionals in culture and health, museum staff and visitors with various disabilities.

The Semaine de l’Accessibilité presents an opportunity to discover everything the Louvre Museum has to offer in terms of programming and support for the differently-abled public. It is also the occasion for a dialogue about the question of accessibility in the art museum for people with various handicaps from physical, sensorielle,  neurological to illness and aging. There will be a time for exchange concerning the role of art museums in community outreach. The Musée du Louvre is determined to improve the quality of the museum experience for the greatest number of people.


On Tuesday January 31 the museum will be open exceptionally to groups for a special guided visit of La Petite Galerie. During the weekend there will be specific themed visits for individuals with a handicap and their families.

On Saturday January 28, 2017

10:30 am De L’Arbre a la Sculpture is particularly suited to   people with cognitive disabilities. Visitors are guided by a narrative through a collection of European sculptures made of wood. It is followed by a workshop of art-making.

11:00 am La Petite Galerie is a descriptive and tactile guided visit of the exposition The Body in Movement in La Petite Galerie. This visit is intended for visitors with a visual deficiency.

handicap accessible lovre3:00 pm Grandes Oeuvres du Louvre  is a guided visit of the largest and most famous  masterpieces of art in the museum’s collection  intended for the hearing impaired who read lips in French.

On Sunday January 29, 2017

10:00 am Toucher la Sculpture is a guided visit of the tactile gallery in the Louvre intended for families with autism. Using blindfolds, visitors will feel the sculptures to learn the materials and techniques associated with each work of art then try to recognize them with open eyes.

3:00 pm Grandes Oeuvres du Louvre  is a guided visit of the largest and most famous  masterpieces of art in the museum’s collection  intended for the hearing impaired in French sign language.

Visiting the Louvre with a disability

The Portes de Lions entrance

All activities are in French. Entrance is at the Portes de Lion. Admission is free for visitors with disabilities and one family member or accompanying person. The number of places is limited so it is essential to reserve by email: semaineaccessibilite@louvre.fr

For further information email  handicap@louvre.fr
Telephone: Michel Lo Monaco 01 40 20 58 06 or Catie Bertotto 01 40 20 51 08

Getting there:
Bus: Lines 27,39,68,69,95 stop at the Carrousel roundabout in front of the pyramid.Cross the street away from the pyramid to get to the Portes de Lions entrance.
Metro: Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre (lines 1 or 7)
exit Carrousel du Louvre  then go passed the shops to go out to the Tuileries Garden to get to the Portes de Lions.
Car: There is a drop off in front of the pyramid for taxis, cars and vans. A private parking garage, Q Park, is located under the Carrousel du Louvre shops. Take the exit Jardin des Tuileries to the Portes de Lions.

Read my earlier post Louvre 101 for more information about accessibility at the museum.

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