Non-verbal: The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin homme orchestreBarely five years since it opened the Philharmonie de Paris is already a famous complex of concert halls hosting over 500 performances of world renowned musicians. It also houses a temporary exhibition space Continue reading

Cité de l’Architecture Turns Ten

autism in museumsIt almost looked like a scene from Atypical, the popular Netflix series about a teenager on the autism spectrum. The Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine museum celebrated its tenth anniversary last weekend with, Continue reading

When TED met Lucy…

visiting museum with autism spectrum disorders…. at the Musée de L’Homme!

autistic visitor to museum in ParisIn the children’s novel by Carlo Collodi, a wooden puppet is magically transformed into a living boy. The Adventures of Pinocchio, written in 1881, is the most widely read book in the world after the Bible. The 1940 Disney adaptation Continue reading

A Taste of Science at the Palais de la Découverte


Palais de la DécouverteThis week, the Michelin restaurant guide attributed its coveted stars based on rigorous criteria that most food critics call bread and circus. Similarly, when evaluating cultural venues for accessibility, Continue reading

A Cultural Approach to Neurodivergence

Art performance, RISD 2014 Elisa Palluau

photo courtesy of the artist Elisa Mae Palluau

Designing the built environment to be inclusive of all ages and abilities is a relatively recent concept. Barrier-free, back when I studied architecture, referred to building construction standards for people with a physical handicap. Currently, accessibility guidelines encompass multi-sensory accommodations for a range of physical and intellectual abilities. Yet, it is often the social barriers Continue reading